(EXTERNAL OPPORTUNITY) the Family Fellowship Scholarship Program

TO APPLY VISIT https://academics.fosterlove.com/

Generously supported by Hope D. Smith and Robert F. Smith, the Family Fellowship Scholarship Program is designed to provide foster youth with the necessary resources to pursue higher education. This program aims to advance the educational aspirations of foster youth by offering financial assistance and family-like emotional support.

The vision of the Family Fellowship is to transform the way foster youth are supported through their college journey. Our program emphasizes the need to innovate, explore, and discover new ways to elevate our young individuals for a modern workforce.

Foster Love is dedicated to providing scholarships for higher education to current and former foster youth, with the aim of addressing the national graduation success rates of this population which range from 3-11%. Our scholarship program offers each recipient up to $12,000 annually for a maximum of five years to ease the financial burden associated with pursuing a college degree.