William Botwinik

William Botwinik

Professor William Botwinik received his BA from The City College of New York and his MSW from Columbia University joining The Nassau Community College Psychology department as adjunct faculty in 1979. He served fourteen years in this capacity showing outstanding distinguished service, professionalism and a total commitment to the education community.

Mr. Botwinik was the Director of Research and Staff Development at the Nassau County Probation Department for 25 years. He also served as adjunct faculty at CW Post participating in the Criminal Justice Master’s program.

After Professor Botwinik’s passing, a former NCC colleague started this scholarship in his memory. His warmth and enthusiasm was infectious to those whose lives he touched.

The William Botwinik Memorial Scholarship is awarded once a year during the spring semester to a deserving student interested in pursuing their studies in Psychology, Sociology, or Social Work.

For more information on how to apply for this reputable scholarship, please contact the Department of Psychology at (516) 572-7458.