Sharyne Wolfe Memorial Scholarship

Sharyne Wolfe was a professor in the Marketing, Retailing, Fashion Buying & Merchandising, Fashion Design and Interior Design Department for thirty-five years.

Over that period of time Sharyne made significant contributions to the department, her most noteworthy as founder of the Fashion Design program which began in 1989. Sharyne made it her mission to promote the fashion design program students’ accomplishments both on and off campus.

She had a special talent for marketing the fashion design program. She partnered with the Simon Foundation to create the annual charity event “Bear Couture Auction” presented at Roosevelt Field and Walt Whitman Malls, and the design competition “Design Wars” also held at Roosevelt Field, in addition to the international design competition “Air France” where she traveled to Paris to accompany her students.

On campus she initiated the annual Design Innovators Scholarship Award and the Cutting Edge Scholarship. She organized the annual Fashion Industry Alumni Event to bring alumni to the college to speak with the students about their experiences after leaving NCC.

Her biography would not be complete without mentioning her successful Field Training course where many of her students were hired full-time after completion.

Sharyne was an extraordinary professor and individual. With Sharyne it was always about the students…they were her top priority.