Reginald Tuggle

Reginald Tuggle

Born in Denver, Colorado, Reginald Tuggle grew up in a home where neither parent had an opportunity to attend college. However, he was able to attend college, in part, because of a scholarship.

Various scholarships played a critical role in assisting Mr. Tuggle matriculate in both undergraduate and graduate schools affording him study opportunities at Bishop College in Dallas, Texas, the University of the Philippians for one year, Linfield College in Oregon for a semester, Union Theological Seminary in New York, the University of Ghana in West Africa and Yale University where he pursued a PhD in Business Ethics.

Through his life’s work as Pastor of a local Presbyterian Church, Director of Public Affairs at Newsday for fifteen years and Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications at Nassau Community College for seventeen years, Reginald Tuggle has amassed an expansive network of people of influence in the business, social and political arenas.

Marketing and Public Relations, though different in scope, are not far removed from mutual objectives, namely to create interest in a given subject, to build bridges of opportunity for people and institutions to connect in meaningful and programmatic ways and to bring people of influence together so various projects can move forward. Integrity is the most valued characteristic of one serving in these capacities.

“It is my hope that the recipient of the Reginald Tuggle Scholarship in Marketing and Public Relations will be one who has chosen to make a career by placing high value on helping people and institutions. It’s not what you know or who you know, but who knows you.” – Reginald Tuggle, Administrator Emeritus, Nassau Community College.