Gerry Leibowitz

Gerry Leibowitz

A librarian at NCC for thirty years, Gerry held several positions during his tenure: Chair of the Library Department, Media Unit Head, Media Librarian and Reference Librarian. He served on numerous library committees and represented the library through his involvement with many campus activities over the years.

Gerry embraced campus life in so many areas; Film Festivals, Civility Week, Sexual Harassment Awareness workshops, the NCCFT Operetta to name just a few.

As an active member of the library profession, Gerry served as a trustee of the North Babylon Public Library. He was a proud member of the SUNY Librarians Association, receiving the prestigious Friend of SUNYLA Award in 2008. Editor of the SUNYLA Newsletter, Gerry was a popular figure at the annual conferences. He was also an active member of the Nassau County Library Association’s Media Division for a better half of his career. Perhaps Gerry’s career accomplishments are best highlighted by his SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship which was awarded to him in 2002.

While Gerry enjoyed many personal and professional accomplishments during his career, to understand his essence, one would need to understand his unfailing dedication to the students. In a room usually teeming with hundreds of people, Gerry had the ability to make each student feel like he/she counted.

Gerry. You will be missed. – Nassau Community College